About Exelon


EXELON TECHNOLOGIES believe that a talented and loyal workforce plays a significant role in an Organization’s ongoing business success. We seek out those candidates who have the potential to become an essential and important asset in the growth and success of an organization. This is an exciting Talent consulting organization that focuses on ‘Building a Talent' which is worth it. We are a young and energetic firm with core expertise in fulfilling any kind of recruitment and staffing requirement. Primary work is to recruit staff on a short-term basis for the organization. .

Our Fundamental Activity is permanent staff recruitment and temporary staffing for either solitary, large volume or persistent staffing requirement.

Our recruitment professionals come from senior management positions in their sector so they communicate your language and understand what it’s like to be in your shoes.

Our Vision:

To be acknowledged and appreciated as a leading and outstanding employment as well as a recruitment service contributor sector in India to provide the best service quality to our clients.

Our Mission:

Honor, ethics, group efforts, accountability and to create something new every day are the hallmarks of our incomparable commitment to client satisfaction.

Our Values:

Our principles and ethnicity are key to our existence it defines every single interaction with our client, employees, retailers and partners. Customer contentment and value of durable relationships are the core essentials .

Exelon Technologies Life

Life @ Exelon is filled with freedom, opportunities to learn, earn, platform & grow.